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Our Philosophy


Why are we doing this?  We Love Fashion, we Love Deals, and as you we LOVE to shop. We believe everyone should have access to great fashion at affordable prices and we believe sample sales should be fun. We believe quality should never be a compromise, no matter what product you are looking for.


For 8 years we hosted highly successful sample sale events for a specific brand.  We now want to offer our experience across multiple brands, giving you access to incredible deals, with exceptional customer service.  We are not your usual sample sale where you are herded into a warehouse and left to your own devices, we offer a unique shopping experience where service is paramount.  We treat you as we want to be treated when we shop.  

Company policies


Due to the fact that the merchandise we are selling is not owned by Launch LA, Sample Sale we are under strict commitment to adhere to our clients' final sale policy.


  • Cash & credit card accepted. Gift Cards available for sale. Apple & Android Pay available.

  • Fitting Room : Fitting rooms will not always be available. When and if available, fitting rooms are communal and have a 12 item limit, and at busy times will be subject to a 15-minute time limit. Please dress accordingly.

  • No holds at registers, Staff cannot hold any items, while you shop around.  We apologize for the inconvenience. We have shopping bags available for you to hold onto your fabulous finds! 

  • Strollers : Due to space restrictions, strollers are not permitted on the sales floor. 

  • Restrooms may not always be available as the venue will vary by event.
  • All merchandise is sold as-is. Items sold at the sample sale could be unfinished true samples, returns, overstock, and flawed merchandise. Please inspect your items before checking out.
  • No online or over the phone sales. 

All sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Shopping our Sales / Contact Us


Is there typically a line to get in?

Every event is different.  Depending on the brand we are hosting, entering the sale will result in a different wait time for entry and pricing. In order to offer you a better shopping experience we do limit the number of customers on the sales floor at any time.

Are fitting rooms available? 

Fitting rooms will not always be available. When and if available, fitting rooms are communal and have a 12 item limit, and at busy times will be subject to a 15-minute time limit.

Do you offer price adjustments or price matching?

We want to offer you the very best prices! This means that if you find a specific item at another location or on-line at a better price and you present this at the register at the time of original sale, we will price match. Remember that this applies only at the time of the original sale. You can not return later with your receipt and receive any price adjustment.

Please note that some Brands will offer additional discounts during the course of the sale, however since you got first pick of the available items we can not allow you to bring items back for price adjustments or additional discounts.

Do we add Sales Tax? 

All purchases are subject to sales tax.  We follow all California Sales Tax Laws.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you! Request a brand you would like us to hold an event for. Feedback on your shopping experience? Please email us at below email.

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